Pre Wrath Question, Follow Up


Regarding the “Pre Wrath Rapture?” question. I have this question for you since the person made a good point and I’ve wondered it as well – plus I really didn’t understand your answer. You are clear many times on your site that the rapture happens in Rev. 4, but why? Is it possible that the rapture might happen with the opening of the 6th seal? That would meet the requirement of the church not being present for the wrath of God. It would also allow God to concentrate on Israel during the Great tribulation. Also I don’t see prior to the 6th seal being opened of the church being present in heaven, however, right after the 6th seal the church is clearly present. Isn’t is possible? And what would the reasonings be for your anticipated answer?


There are several things at issue here. First of all, God’s focus returns to Israel at the end of the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 to kick off the 70th week of Daniel, of which the Great Tribulation is the 2nd half.

Second, the group singing the so-called “Song of the Redeemed” in Rev. 5:9-10 is the Church. We know this because as the song says, they were purchased with the Blood of the Lamb, who made them to be Kings and Priests to rule on the Earth. This is the destiny of the Church. Read these verses in the King James version for the clearest translation.

And third, the group that arrives in Heaven following the 6th Seal Judgment are Tribulation Martyrs (they have come out of the Great Tribulation) who serve God in His Temple, not the Church (Rev. 7:14-15).