Apparitions Of Mary


I am a former Catholic, I was saved 7 years ago during my own search for the Truth praise the Lord! A few of my family members have gone to Medjugorje and believe that Mary is appearing and has over so many years.

My question is how do you explain Mary speaking to those children who first saw her in Medjugorje? I believe that apparitions are either angels or demons, Could this be an example of Satan coming as an angel of light? If so it is so very tricky and it is working as it surely takes attention away from what Jesus did for us. I would love to have an answer from you as to how you see the apparitions.


I believe that these apparitions are false. Although she was the Lord’s mother, Mary never had any role in the early Church, not even a ceremonial one. She didn’t appear in any church writings in any “official” capacity until late in the third Century, when the Babylonian “mother-child” system began making its inroads into the church. If the Lord wanted to send an emissary to the Church I think He would more likely have chosen one of the Apostles.