Are We Closer To The Rapture Now?


Now that Mr. Netanyahu is the prime minister of Israel it seems more possible (to me) that Psalm 83 could come into the picture. It is a more likely scenario now than in the case of victory of his political opponents, knowing both parties political stance and ideas about the peace process. I read opinions from those who think that Mr. Netanyahu going to bend to the international pressure concerning the peace process and there will be an agreement (land for peace if necessary). They are anxiously waiting for a peace agreement to happen which can be confirmed by the future AC, cause they yearn for the rapture. Their fear is that the more distant the peace agreement seems the more distant the rapture is. I’d like to know our opinion.


What most people can’t seem to understand is that after 16 years of trying, “land for peace” has never once brought peace. It has always brought more war. The temporary peace that will set the stage for Ezekiel 38 will only happen after Israel’s enemies have been thoroughly trounced, as will likely happen in the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 confrontations. I believe these confrontations are more likely with Mr. Netanyahu as PM than any of the other candidates, and thus I feel that his victory has brought the Rapture closer.