Are We Even Closer Than You Say?


First I want to thank you for your efforts and insight. These are truly times of both terror and joy. My question is in regards to your latest article “A Chronology Of End Times Events”. I’ve read many times that the expected time of Jesus’ return is “about 70 years” from 1948. However, wouldn’t those be Jewish (360-day) years and not our 365.25-day years? 5.25 days over 70 years trims off an entire year! Are we closer than we think?


I purposely haven’t gotten into the 360 vs. 365 day issue because it isn’t my intention to pin down the date of the 2nd Coming, but to alert people to its potential closeness. It does appear from both the Book of Daniel and The Revelation that dating is done in the 30 day month 360 day year format from the Lord’s perspective. That’s the way He created the Earth and that’s the way He measures time. This fact was discovered over a century ago by Sir Robert Anderson of Scotland Yard, working with the London Royal Observatory.