The Beast Of Rev. 11:7


Revelation 11 is a very curious chapter to me. The two witnesses are prophesying (giving details of what is about to happen to mankind?) and no one can harm them during the 1260 days of their ministry After they have finished the beast comes from the Abyss to kill them. In chapter 9 a star is falling from heaven and given the key to open the Abyss as horrific things come out of the smoke of the Abyss. Is this beast the same as the one called Abaddon the king over the Abyss that attacks the two witnesses? And the things coming from the Abyss in chapter 9 might they be hybrids or something from Noah’s’ days that were being kept in the Abyss until the judgment? Just wondering what your thoughts on these strange beings might be?


Most scholars identify the beast who comes up from the Abyss (Rev. 11:7) as the anti-Christ. I think the Locusts of Rev. 9 are demonic beings. Their king is called the angel of the Abyss, and he’s most likely the “star” who fell from heaven with the key to the Abyss (Rev. 9:1). Because he’s not called the beast who comes up from the abyss, I don’t think he’s the one who kills the 2 witnesses. I say that because as they’re used in the Revelation, “angel” and “beast” are not equivalent terms.

There’s no mention in the Bible of any hybrid beings other than the Nephilim, although some non-Biblical texts do speak of other such beings.