Is The UIN The Mark Of The Beast?


My family and I are saved Christians who live in India. Six months ago we got our unique identification numbers/cards (UIN) that are being distributed in our country. Yesterday someone told me that this is the mark of the beast mentioned in The Book of Revelation Chapter 13. Are the Unique Identification Numbers/Cards the mark of the beast? We have not got any micro-chip or anything else implanted anywhere on our bodies.


The mark of the beast is something unique to the anti-Christ. By taking it people will actually be swearing a pledge of loyalty to him. Before receiving it everyone on Earth will be warned of the consequences of doing so (Rev. 14:9-11). Therefore no one can receive the mark out of ignorance or by accident or trickery. It will require a conscious decision. Since the anti-Christ is not in power yet, the UIN is not the mark of the beast, nor is any other current form of identification, even if it involves some kind of micro chip or other advanced technology.