Taking The Mark Of The Beast


I have been wondering for a long time if we will be raptured before the mark of the beast will be mandated to purchase food or whatever. I believe in the pre-trib rapture but still question whether we will be here for the temptation of having to take the tatoo or whatever (mark of the beast) because the Bible says once you have taken the mark you cannot be saved. I know for a fact that I am saved and I truly love the Lord with all my heart but I am also afraid I may be fooled or not be strong enough to refuse it.

Please help me with these questions as I have had them for many years.


According to my research, which has been confirmed by some of the most notable Bible Scholars living today, the Rapture will occur in Rev. 4 before the 70th week of Daniel begins. That makes it at the very least 3 1/2 years before the Great Tribulation begins and the mark will be required as described in Rev. 13. Therefore the Church will never meet the antichrist nor be required to submit to his many anti-Christian directives including taking his mark.