Between The Rapture And Daniel’s 70th Week


I want to thank you again for answering my questions. I certainly have a lot of them, but you seem to be the only teacher with answers.

I might be thinking too much into this, but the Age of Grace ends with the Rapture, which can happen anytime before the Anti-Christ signs the peace treaty, right? And, when he signs the peace treaty, the last 7 years of the Age of Law begins again, if I’m correct. So…what age (if there is one) is inbetween the Rapture and Daniel’s 70th week?


The Age of Law will resume after the Rapture of the Church. The defining event will be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 where Israel will be reawakened to their covenant relationship with God. I believe the 7 year treaty that marks the resumption of the Age of Law might very well be the one that concludes Ezekiel’s battle. While there might be some lapse of time between the Rapture and the treaty, there is no “age” between them.