Bible College, Yes Or No?


My question isn’t over anything in scripture or doctrine. I am just searching for a bit of wisdom from you. I have been considering Bible college, however, my rabbi doesn’t feel that is it truly necessary. I trust his opinion but was wondering if you know of any good reasons for or against going to Bible college.

I have asked God to reveal His will for me and I have noticed in the last year how much He has opened my eyes to His truths.

I’m just wondering if Bible college will help me any more then me simply studying like I have been along with the help of men such as yourself and of course the Holy Spirit. God bless you and your family.


I knew I was called to be a Bible teacher in two ways. One, the Lord caused me to be unhappy in every other endeavor I started, and two, people all over the world have told me that I’m a good teacher. I’ve received this as confirmation that the Lord has gifted me in this area.

And this leads to your other question. I have never heard of a Bible College that doesn’t push its particular view of Scripture. One of the great blessings I’ve enjoyed is that I have had the luxury of studying and coming to my own conclusions. I think this helps me to speak with more conviction about the things I believe. I am very reluctant to recommend a Bible College to anyone. It’s as likely to stunt your growth in the Word as to stimulate it.