Rapture, Yes Or No? Follow Up


God bless, love your site. Quick question: In “Rapture, Yes or No?”, you said Jesus does not teach on the rapture. Wouldn’t John 14:1-4 qualify as Jesus indirectly teaching the Rapture? I have noticed this particular reference being left out of many pretrib rapture defenses. In my opinion, this reference directly ties the Gospel account to the Pauline letters. Appreciate your insight.


The key word in your question is “indirectly”. While He does say that after He’s prepared a place for us He’ll come back to take us there, if you didn’t already know about the Rapture you’d be hard pressed to find it in those verses, let alone understand it.

However once you know about the Rapture you can see that Jesus had to be referring to it in John 14: 1-4, since He’s taking us there to be with Him where He is, not coming here to be with us where we are, as in the 2nd Coming.