Yes You’re Saved, But …


My question is if you are a real born again believer and are in a back slidden state, will you go in the rapture, is your salvation secure, and do you have the spiritual authority to do spiritual warfare against the enemy and demons in particular if you are back slidden? My 20 year old daughter who is on fire for the Lord is constantly questioning my salvation because of the situation I am in and just doesn’t understand why I can’t get out of it “If I love the Lord and have faith in him”.

I hate where I am and I pray with tears all the time. I believe He is working out His plans for me and that He will get me straight and that I wouldn’t feel conviction if I didn’t have the Holy Spirit, but she makes me feel that at some point, His patience will run dry and that will be the end for me.

I know I am wrong for being in this backslidden state to begin with for my choices but I do love the Lord and I want to change and get things back on track with my life in the Lord. What do you have to share with me? I don’t just want someone to agree with me, but someone who will speak biblical truth to me from an objective standpoint.


The Scriptures are clear that we’re saved because of what we believe, not because of how we behave, so if you are truly saved then no one, not even you, can reverse that. You’re part of His Church and will be taken in the Rapture along with the rest of us.

However what I don’t understand is that if you know you’re sinning, and feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit, why aren’t you taking steps to clean up your life? Even though your salvation isn’t threatened, you are losing out on blessings both here and in heaven, and are living a defeated life. Unless you are continually confessing your sins and praying yourself back into fellowship with God, you not only won’t have authority over Satan, but he’ll have access to you.

By your own admission, you’re making yourself and those around you miserable. As soon as you make some sincere effort at turning your life around, the Lord will provide all the help you need to succeed (James 4:7-8). But as long as you choose to remain as you are, He’ll respect that too. Salvation is something the Lord did for you purely as an act of love. Expressing your gratitude by living in a manner pleasing to Him requires your active participation. Remember, He has accepted responsibility for keeping you saved, (2 Cor. 1:21-22) but you’re responsible for how you choose to live your life.