Body Building For The Lord


Hi, great site and may the Lord provide for you. My faith and my walk with God has been good. I just got saved this year and I am very thankful for that. Praise our Lord.

What do you think about lifting weights? Do you think that if I focus too much on sculpting and chiseling my body, I am not glorifying the Lord, but instead I am glorifying my flesh? I’ve been struggling with this. I believe the Lord has already given me an answer to this, but being human, I can be stubborn and need second opinions from brothers and sisters in Christ. Am I serving two masters? When one decides to work out and get in shape, it becomes a lifestyle. There is much needed dedication as far as diet, sleep schedule, and physics that go into building new muscles. Can it be possible to work out and serve the Lord at the same time? Thanks.


Many believers have hobbies and avocations that they devote much time and effort to and derive great pleasure from. Yours happens to be body building.

These things don’t become problems until they interfere with our relationship with the Lord. In your case, interference can come in the form of an emotional reliance on your hobby for your sense of self, or by occupying so much of your time that you squeeze the Lord out of your life, or when your sculpted body becomes the object of your worship.

As long as you keep your hobby in its proper perspective there’s no problem. In fact it could likely provide you with opportunities to tell others what the Lord has done for you that you’d not find otherwise.