Bombing Damascus


We have been thinking a lot about Damascus being destroyed by a nuclear bomb. One problem is that the prevailing winds are from west to east, and it appears that the winds could carry the nuclear contamination quite a distance. This could kill a lot of other people outside Damascus and even beyond Syria’s borders. Do you have any thoughts on this?


In Isaiah 17:1 the Bible says Damascus will no longer be a city after its destruction, becoming a heap of ruins. But it doesn’t give us any clues as to the means by which Damascus will be destroyed. From our understanding of things it appears likely that some kind of unconventional weapons will be involved. However, Israel most likely has weapons we’re not aware of that could reduce the entire city to a heap of rubble in short order without causing a lot of collateral damage. The way things are going over there, we may not have to wait very long to see just how this prophecy will be fulfilled.