Damascus And The Oslo Accords


I have been thinking about the Oslo Agreement which apparently has been written but never confirmed. I understand that it is a 7 year agreement but the 7 years have never started. Do you think the Oslo Agreement might be the document, which the Antichrist confirms?

In addition, I am also very interested in the Isaiah 17 passage relating to Damascus. Do you think that the destruction of Damascus could happen this summer?


The way things are shaping up, I believe that there’s a good possibility that Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled this year. I think the Syrians believe this too. They’ve recently moved all the country’s archives out of Damascus because they intend to use non-conventional weapons against Israel and expect Israel to flatten Damascus in response.

As for the Olso Accords, I don’t think that’s the 7 year covenant. It divides Jerusalem and makes no mention of a Temple in Israel. The city of Jerusalem will be divided again, but only for a short time just before the Lord returns (Zech 14:2) but a Temple will be built in Israel at the outset of Daniel’s 70th Week.