The Camels Of Isaiah 60


Can you please explain to me about the camels of Isaiah 60:6? I believe this to be a prophecy regarding Jesus, but is there more to it as far as Christians are concerned?


Isaiah 60 is about the blessings Israel will receive in the Millennium, after they’ve returned to the Lord and accepted Him as their King. As such it is not meant for the Church. The camels are literal animals and are meant to be an indication of Israel’s wealth during that time.

The names of the places in Isaiah 60:6-7 are instructive in that they’re all part of Muslim territory today, being located in the Arabian peninsula. I believe this shows that the animosity between the descendants of Isaac and those of Ishmael will have ended (According to Genesis 25:13 Nebaioth and Kedar were Ishmael’s first and second sons.)