Can I Be Angry With God?


Is it really possible to be angry at God for his action in ones life? I have a strong feeling that I am. When he took my wife home He left me in this messed up world alone after standing on his healing words and it didn’t happen. I feel so lost and confused. I really don’t want to be here anymore and hate every day that I am. I think about it day and night. Am I saved? His word says I am. I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior 23 years ago. My wife was. And I just want to be with her in heaven not this world. There has been so many times I’ve come close. I find no joy here. Sometimes I feel like It was just foolishness to believe he was going to heal her now that she is gone. I feel as though Ive been tossed in to hell its self and forgotten. Why do I still stay here? Why doesn’t he just take me now?


Yes it is possible and even permissible to be angry with God. In any relationship there’s bound to be frustration, especially from misunderstanding, and our relationship with God is no different. But as in any other relationship, it will become a problem it you let it fester instead of dealing with it. Tell God about your anger and ask Him to forgive you and show you why you’re still here.

And it wasn’t foolishness to believe that He would heal her. He did heal her. She’s happier and healthier now than she’s ever been and can’t wait to see you. The part that you should apologize for is wanting her healed in order to stay with you. Although it’s understandable, that’s asking for your will to be done, not God’s.

God is not mean and he doesn’t forget people. He loves you more than you can imagine and wants only the best for you. My guess is that He has left you here because He’s not finished blessing you yet. Once you realize that and begin looking for the blessings he has in store for you, you’ll start seeing them and your joy will return.