Can I Be Baptized Again?


I once heard you must be baptized by immersion in water. As an infant, I was baptized Catholic. And I’ve also heard you cannot be baptized twice. Can you be born again without a baptism at the time you asked God for forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and through faith accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?


Baptism is meant to be a public confirmation of a private decision to accept the Lord’s death as payment for all your sins. This is not something one can do as an infant. What some people call infant baptism is really more of a christening or dedication ceremony. So in the strictest sense of the word you have not been baptized. But even if you had, there’s no Biblical prohibition against being baptized again. While baptism is not a requirement for salvation, if you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to be baptized then, by all means, you should do it. I believe baptism by immersion is the proper method.