Do I Need To Be Baptized Again?


I was baptized when I was 23 years old in the 1st Baptist Church in Memphis, the Preacher took my wife and me in his office after the service and asked if we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and we said yes. He didn’t ask us to repent or ask for the forgiveness of our sins. I did not live my life for Jesus for a long time, but In the last few years I have turned all of my life over to Jesus completely and read the bible every day and pray every day almost all day. Do I need to be Baptized again? Everybody I have asked said no. What do you say?


Baptism is a public declaration that you believe you’re a sinner, that the Lord died for your sins, and that you’ve accepted Him as your Savior. If you believed that when you were baptized, then I don’t think you need to be baptized again. But the opinions of other people are not important. What is important is whether you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to be baptized. If you do, then you should obey and have another baptism.