Do I Need To Be Baptized Again?


As an infant I was baptized by having water sprinkled on me. However, I really did not come to know Christ until about 8 years ago. And since then, I have tried to serve Him well in all that I do. I am on fire for God’s purposes and I pray daily to be used more effectively to expand His kingdom. My question is, should I be baptized again?

I know many of the clergy in town and there are all kinds of views about water baptism and what it means and how often it should be done. I have come to a personal understanding that water baptism (even infant baptism) is a public display that shows that you are accepted into the Church. I guess it seems to me that it is a promise by Jesus that you will find Him through the Church if you seek Him.

That being said, I am wondering what the biblical perspective is on infant baptism and re-baptism when you become a believer. I hesitate to be re-baptized because I don’t know if there is a biblical mandate or inference to do so. If infant water baptism is a promise from God to have the Church accept us if we seek His face, then His one and first promise is more than good enough for me. Is there really any biblical reason to be re-baptized even if I feel the Holy Spirit burning brightly in my life?


The sprinkling you received as an infant was not really a baptism, although that’s what it was called.

A baptism is meant to be a public declaration that we’ve made a private decision to accept the Lord as our Savior and become born again.

An infant “baptism” is more like a christening or dedication. It reflects a decision by our parents to dedicate us to the Lord and raise us in the knowledge of Him.

Some believe that adult baptism is required for salvation and others don’t. The best advice I can give you is that if you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to be baptized, then, by all means, do it.

I was sprinkled as an infant and baptized by immersion when I was born again at age 40. Becoming a believer was the most important decision of my life and being baptized was my way of publicly thanking God for accepting me.

Jesus said, “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in Heaven” (Matt. 10:32).