Can These Things Be True?


I found your website accidentally one day in November and have been reading things from it since then. I’m beginning to see a lot of pieces come together in a way that make more sense to me than ever before. But in looking at other things on the internet I’ve come across some really outrageous claims like Paul was a big liar and the Jesus we worship is not the real Jesus, and so on. I have always defended the fact that God is capable of keeping his word true through all these years. So please reaffirm this for me.


Unfortunately, anyone can put anything on the internet and there’s no truth filter to protect us from their lies. Things like what you’ve read have been around for a long time, but there’s no truth to them at all. The Bible is the most thoroughly documented ancient book in the world with thousands of copies in various languages that have an internal consistency (textual purity) of over 99%.

Can you imagine the size of the conspiracy it would have taken to counterfeit Paul’s teachings? They were all a matter of public record during his lifetime and there were thousands of witnesses to what he said and wrote. And if we’re worshiping the wrong Jesus then how could He have fulfilled over 300 Old Testament prophecies about His life, all of which were public knowledge well before He was born? Many of them also required the active cooperation of His sworn enemies to be fulfilled. It doesn’t make sense.

We should use the Bible to judge whether other claims are true instead of using them to decide if the Bible is true.