Changing Set Times And Laws


I have a question regarding Daniel 7:25, where it speaks of the Antichrist seeking to ‘change times and laws’. I can understand the meaning of ‘changing the laws’, but what does the ‘changing of times’ mean? Could this be a reference to a Muslim Antichrist, since their religion imposes Islamic laws onto others?


Most scholars interpret the phrase “changing set times and laws” as the anti-Christ’s attempt to completely revise the way the world is governed, even to changing the calendar. A partial example of this is already occurring in the effort to change BC (before Christ) and AD (year of our Lord) to BCE (before the common era) and CE (common era) to avoid making reference to Jesus.

Because I believe the anti-Christ will initially be associated with Islam I see one possible way he could accomplish this would be to impose Islamic law and the Islamic calendar on the post Church world.