Changing The times And The Law


I had a thought the other day, in Daniel 7, verse 25 specifically, it talks about the Anti Christ thinking to change the times and the law. Is this saying he is trying to change the calendar? and international laws? I find this interesting since all this hype about the mayan calendar ending in 2012, and it appears that we are heading to a one world government, just something I have been thinking about, but I want to clarify what Daniel is saying exactly. Thanks so much!


I believe the intent of this verse is to show that the anti-Christ will attempt to remove all traces of our Judeo-Christian heritage. No more 2009 AD for example, no more reference to BC in connection with historical dates. No more traditional holidays or holy days. Nothing that could remind people of the world’s past affiliation with the Lord. You can already see the beginning of this change in the US and Europe, but like you said, he’ll make it international law.