God’s Laws Or Man’s?


Along the topic of whether homosexuals should be allowed to get married or not, I was wondering what your take on the matter was. Since I know that you always back up your answers with Biblical truth I value your insight. My Christian friends and I debate this because even though I am a Christian and do not agree with homosexuals and their lifestyles, I don’t believe that we as Christians, heterosexuals, or humans whether it be in the private or government sector have the right to tell them they cannot get married. We can pray for them to find Jesus and if they search, teach them why homosexuality is a huge disgrace to God. However, the way I see it is that God gave us all free will to choose sin if that is what we want to choose. So how can we take the free will, of two consenting adults who want to get married, away from them? Doesn’t this go against God’s “free will” plan for every human?


This is a real conundrum. For most of our history, we’ve thought of ourselves as a Christian nation, and yet our government has always been a secular one. Our founding fathers didn’t require our leaders to be Christian or to use God’s law as a litmus test when legislating our own laws. I guess when it comes right down to it I’m opposed to any government interference in individual decisions. Like you say, if God gave us the right to make our own choices, then how can we do otherwise concerning each other?

The problem is that I’m really uncomfortable taking this to its logical conclusions because that would mean we shouldn’t try to prevent parents from killing their babies, adult children from killing their aged or ill parents, people from having multiple spouses, or adults from carrying on sexual relationships with consenting minors, even if they’re related. So where does one draw the line? God gave us His laws because we can’t be trusted to legislate our own morality. When we abandon His standards, whose do we adopt? Isn’t that what the Great Flood was all about?