The Laws Of Thermodynamics


There is a debate raging about whether or not the Big Bang theory contradicts the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics depending if we consider our universe close or open system. Do you have any thoughts on the subject?


I am not a scientist, but as I understand them these laws say that if left alone all things proceed from order into disorder. Both the Big Bang theory and the Theory of Evolution violate these laws by requiring that the creation proceed from disorder into order all by itself.

I don’t understand the “closed system” idea. A can of peas is a closed system, but given the kind of time the big bang required, even it would spoil.

In each of the six days of creation God showed evening preceding morning. The Hebrew word for evening comes from a root meaning disorder while the word for morning comes from a root meaning order. By having evening precede morning God said in effect that He had overruled the Laws of Thermodynamics in each of the six days of creation. It didn’t happen by itself.