Children In The Rapture


Some people teach that all children under the age of accountability will be raptured, but I am having trouble reconciling this with scripture. If we use things in the OT as “types” I cannot make it fit, e.g. in the flood only Noah and his family were saved out of it, but presumably any children under the age of accountability who died would go to be with the Lord, but they still suffered physical death.

Also with Lot and his family being taken out of Sodom, the children under the age of accountability were not taken out but suffered physical death, even though they then would go to be with the Lord.

Surely it will be the same with the rapture; any children that die in the Tribulation under the age of accountability will go to be with the Lord and those that reach the age of accountability will have the opportunity to receive salvation. Can you shed any light on this? Thank you so much.


One of the reasons that Old Testament types are also called shadows, is that like the shadows we see, they exist in outline form only and are not clear in their detail.

Case in point. God promised Abraham that he would not judge the righteous with the wicked in Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot and his family were removed and became a model for removing the church before the Great Tribulation. You really can’t take the comparison any further.

By the way, Noah and his family are not a type of the Rapture, but rather for the faithful of Israel being preserved through the Great Tribulation. For a type of the Rapture in the Great Flood, look to Enoch who was taken alive into heaven before the flood came.

Since we’re not given all the specifics about the Rapture we can only make educated guesses about some things. Matthew 18:10 hints that God views all children as belonging to Him. Paul confirms this in Romans by saying that he had eternal life until he reached the age of accountability. (Romans 7:9) From this, many (but not all) theologians deduce that all children will go in the rapture.