Church Business


I am writing for a recommendation concerning my church. It is a great church that teaches the word of God and I am happy with that. Outside the sanctuary there’s a book store that charges for books. There are also classes that charge for the books and study materials they use. I’m concerned that the poor and needy that Jesus told us to take care of are being excluded from these resources. Should I be doing something about this or am I just concerned about nothing?


Many of the book stores in churches are run by volunteers and are often subsidized as well, and while I can’t say this for a certainty in your case, most churches will waive the cost of attending a study if the applicant can’t afford to buy the materials. Naturally they don’t make this public knowledge. You can check to see if your church does this. If you like what you’re experiencing otherwise, I’d suggest you pray about this concern and see how the Lord leads you to help.