Why Isn’t My Business Prosperous?


What could be the possible causes for a lack of prosperity in a Christian’s business? Just a list with any Scriptural reference would be sufficient to help me search the answers in the Bible myself.


There’s nothing in the Bible that says a Christian owned business should necessarily succeed. Business is an Earthly undertaking, not a Heavenly one. The most frequent causes for a lack of prosperity have to do with common business practices, not the Bible. For example, sales might be too low or costs of doing business might be too high. Maybe your prices aren’t competitive. Perhaps customers are being driven away by poor products and/or service, or a competitor is taking them away by out performing you. There are many reasons.

Of course the Bible does mention the need to be honest in what ever you do, and to do to others as you would have them do to you (Matt. 7:12). I’ll assume this is not an issue for you. But if you believe your lack of prosperity is due to spiritual matters, then you should consider that maybe the Lord didn’t call you into a career in business and has some other work in mind for you. Read and apply Romans 12:1-2 and ask the Lord to give you direction.