Commerce In The Millennium


Will there be commerce in the millennium? I am very blessed to have found your site, and I pray that you continue to be humbled and surrendered to the Fathers will.


That depends on who you’re asking about.  I believe the Church, being the royal family of God, will not engage in commerce, nor will there be any kind of economy in the New Jerusalem.  Like it is with the royal families of earth, all of our needs will be met without any effort on our part.  Rev. 21:24 says the Kings of the earth will bring their splendor to us.  To me that means we’ll get the best of earth’s production.

On Earth, an agrarian economy will exist with people by and large being self sufficient.  There will be no more curse so the creation will once again cooperate in making harvests bountiful beyond compare  and work will be a joy again ((Isaiah 65:21-22, Amos 9:13).

But there may also be a commerce of sorts to allow people to have the things they can’t make or grow and to provide for the needs of the Church.

Of course, this is all speculation based on a few hints from scripture.