Creation Or Great Flood?


Psalm 104:6-9, which seems to describe the Creation, says that after land was formed water would never again cover the Earth . This is a huge problem for people that believe the Genesis Flood was global. If have no problem believing that the Genesis flood was global, I just won’t until this contradiction can be resolved. So my question is how do you resolve this contradiction?


God’s word cannot contradict itself so the only option available to us is find out where your interpretation of Psalm 104 is incorrect.

Genesis 7:19-20, which is part of the flood account, and Psalm 104:6 are the only two places where the Bible talks about the water being above the mountains. Psalm 104:9 also says the waters will never again cover the mountains. This corresponds with Genesis 9:11 where after the flood God said He would never again destroy the Earth with water.

A careful reading of Psalm 104 shows it to be an overview statement where things are not necessarily in order. For example the psalmist talked about the creation of birds and animals (Psalm 104:11-12) before he mentioned the existence of day and night or the Sun and Moon (Psalm 104:19-22). The logical conclusion is that Psalm 104: 6-9 refers to the Great Flood, not the Creation. That being the case there’s no contradiction between the Genesis creation account and Psalm 104, so there’s no problem believing the Great Flood was global, just like the Lord said it was.