Where Did The Water For The Flood Come From?


Recently, there has been some speculation that there is a “water ring” around the Earth’s inner core. And although I did not see the movie “Noah”, the commercials showed water geysers shooting up around the Ark. Do you believe that part of the water canopy that used to surround the Earth prior to the Flood could be held there for perhaps future use by the Lord?


I don’t know about water surrounding the Earth’s inner core. My research shows that it’s pretty hot there, about 9800 degrees, and that what surrounds the solid inner core is a molten iron nickel composite outer core.

As for the geysers shooting up around the ark, in Genesis 7:11 the Bible speaks of the springs of the great deep opening up. This is probably a reference to sources of fresh water in the Earth’s aquifer which is relatively close to the Earth’s surface.

Genesis 7:11 also mentions the floodgates of the heavens being opened. This could be the water vapor canopy collapsing and might be the very first time rain ever fell on Earth. From Genesis 2:6 we learn that streams of water irrigated the Earth in those days.

The Bible doesn’t specifically say that all the water contained in the heavens fell to earth, but I think most people assume that it did. Today, this water is contained in the Earth’s oceans. Rev. 21:1 indicates that after the restoration of Earth there will be no more sea, a likely reference to the water vapor canopy being restored to its original place.