Methuselah And The Great Flood


At a recent Bible Study the teacher said that GOD started the flood on the day that Methuselah died . Have you ever heard this? I can not find it in my KJV Bible . Is this a Jewish tradition or math?


If you do the math involved in plotting the lives of the 10 patriarchs from Genesis 5, you’ll find that the Great Flood came the year Methuselah died, 1656 years after Adam’s creation. (Or, if you’re not into math you can visit this link and get all the information the easy way.)

There is nothing in the Bible to support the idea that it happened on the very day of his death. However, there is a significant fulfillment of prophecy here because the words that make up Methuselah’s name can be translated “his death shall bring”. I believe Enoch, Methuselah’s father, named his son as a warning of the coming judgment.