Daniel, The Magi, And The Star


You’ve stated that Daniel 9:24-27 tells when to expect Christ to come but it is His coming as King that it talks about. How did the Magi, taught by Daniel’s book know when he was to be born? and where is the “star” prophecy? Did the Mazzaroth display it as Psalm 19 might indicate or was it really Balaam’s prophecy in Numbers 24:17? Also did Herod die in 4 BC or is there enough doubt that recent claims of 1BC could be true?


The Bible doesn’t come right out and say this, but according to tradition, Daniel founded the group that came to be known as the Magi after receiving the 70 weeks prophecy from Gabriel (Daniel 9:24-27). We don’t know whether Daniel told them to watch for a star from Biblical prophecy, or whether he learned of it from direct revelation, but the Magi said they were taught to look for a specific star (Matt. 2:2). Most scholars have assumed if it was a Biblical prophecy, it was the star in Numbers 24:17. The majority view is that Herod died in 4 BC, but there are a few scholars who prefer 1 BC as the date.