Is It A Star Or Satan?


I have a question on Revelation 8:10. The star that falls to earth. I do not understand why my particular Bible, which is a New King James version, references the fallen star back to Isaiah 14:12? This cannot be referencing Lucifer at this point…can it? I took it to be just what it says, a fallen star (meteor, asteroid, etc) that was allowed to hit the earth. Can you explain why the reference to Isaiah?


There’s no good reason to take the star mentioned in Rev. 8:10 as anything other than a literal star. The text doesn’t say “like a star” which would mean it’s symbolic, and the Greek word is aster, from which we get asteroid. It’s always translated star in the Bible. I don’t know why some modern translations connect Isaiah 14:12 with Rev. 8:10 because Satan’s expulsion from Heaven doesn’t take place until Rev. 12:9.