The Star Of Bethlehem Again?


Our Pastor told us about this but I could only find basic info online about this conjunction on June 30th. If you watched the Bethlehem Star documentary, you know that Regulus and Leo were involved in the process then making it KING KING KING. Well, it is about to happen again and we think it must mean that our Father is soon to start the 7 year return process for Jesus. We pray that is the case!!!


I’ve never bought the idea that the star of Bethlehem was simply a natural phenomenon.  In order to guide the Magi from Parthia to Jerusalem it had to remain in the sky day and night, giving them specific directions throughout their journey, which could have taken a year or more.  Then it had to lead them right to the very house in which the Holy Family was living in Bethlehem (Matt. 2:9-11).  There is nothing about a 5 day convergence of Jupiter and Venus that could accomplish this.

The Bible tells us the event that begins the 7 year period that will culminate in the Lord’s return is a covenant between the anti-Christ and Israel which will permit the building of a Temple in Israel (Daniel 9:27).