Defeated Lives


After true salvation has genuinely taken place in a persons life,is it possible for that person to take a 15 to 20 year vacation,or until even Death, from hearing or reading or taking in some form of the word of God?

I went through a Dark period of a couple of years where I fed myself with nothing but the world. It had gotten Dark enough where I came RUNNING back to the Light. I didn’t like living without the Gospel or at least hearing the Word of God. As believers, can we truly get saved and then not feed our Souls with the Word in some form?

In other words, feeding on the Word in some form or fashion. If we did take a break from the Word for so long, would not God Chastise us or make things happen to bring us back? Or, a Saved Individual just lives a Defeated life when they don’t Fellowship with God’s Word any longer? Does this have to do with those believers that just do not bear much fruit at all in their whole life?


Yes, I believe it’s possible to live a life totally without merit even after being saved. The Holy Spirit is only a Counselor after all.

We’re all in control of our own lives. Matthew 13:22 tells of a man who hears God’s word but the worries of this world and the deceitfulness of wealth choke it off, making it unfruitful.

Most often the case is more like yours. A season or two away from the Lord, and we come running back. The Lord prompts us all to do that, but some don’t pay attention.

And for every one who never goes to church or reads his or her Bible after being saved, there are countless numbers of pew-sitters who are there week after week but nothing ever seems to reach them. For example, a recent study on finances showed that 40% of Evangelicals never contribute one dime to their church’s needs. They also live defeated lives and bear no fruit. Sadly, whether in the local church or out of it, the condition you describe is all too common.