Who Lives Where?


Thanks to God and to your explanations, I’m slowly gaining a greater understanding of what I believe. But, I still have very, very much to learn.

In the Millennium, I now understand that All Israel will live in the land of the Covenant; and the New Testament saints will live . . . is it in Heaven or in the New Jerusalem? Who will live on the rest of the earth during the Millennium; that is, outside the Covenant Lands? As I don’t subscribe to harps and clouds, I believe that, surely, God will have jobs for the Church to do. So, what does Scripture imply/hint will be our jobs for 1,000 years? Will we help govern the earth? Teach?


In the Millennium, Israel will live in the Promised Land and fulfill the promises from the Old Testament about their Kingdom Age such as Isaiah 65:17-25. The Church will dwell in the New Jerusalem, incorrectly called heaven by some. The rest of the world will be populated by gentiles who became believers after the Rapture and survived the tribulation. Since they are taken live into the Millennium, they’ll bear children during the 1000 years. It’s the offspring of these children who rebel at the end of the Millennium.

We’re not told what we’ll do to occupy our time during the Millennium, but since we’ve been promised that it’ll be a time of unrestrained joy and since the sin-imposed limits to our creative intellect will have been removed, there must be some truly unimaginable adventures awaiting us. And no, they won’t involve harps and clouds.