More On Who Lives Where?


If I recall correctly, the OT Jews who died believing in a Savior to come will be living in Israel during the Millennium along with those who survived the Tribulation. Jesus will rule from Jerusalem. The Church will live in the New Jerusalem. So do God and the angels stay in Heaven or will they be in New Jerusalem? Or is Heaven now the New Jerusalem?

And concerning those who choose to worship Jesus during the Millennium (descendants of those who accept Jesus during the Tribulation) – Because they aren’t Jews, do they go to the New Jerusalem when they die or are their bodies simply transformed and they continue to live on earth?


During the Millennium, resurrected Old Testament Jews will live with believing Jews who survive the Tribulation in Israel. Rev. 22:3 tells us both the Father and the Son will have thrones in Jerusalem during that time. According to Ezekiel 43:7 God will live in Israel forever. The Church will live in the New Jerusalem. Heaven will still be heaven, but Rev. 21:2 says the New Jerusalem will come down out of heaven to take its position in the proximity of Earth.

The Bible doesn’t tell us where Millennial believers will spend Eternity, but its my understanding that only the Church will dwell in the New Jerusalem.