Destroying All The Nations. Follow Up


Re: “Destroying All The Nations” According to the Scriptures you listed, I was wondering if the nations mentioned in Revelation 21:24 (“And the nations of them which are saved…”) and Revelation 22:1 might be newly-created ones, names and all. And, they would be “governed” by those in The Body of Christ that have been given charge over them during the Millennium. Or is that the heritage of Israel only?


The Greek word translated “nations” in Rev. 21:24 and Rev. 22:1 is “ethnos”. It can mean anything from a multitude to a specific people group and is most often translated “Gentiles”. Rev. 21:24 makes mention of the “kings of the Earth” but we know from Zechariah 14:9 that Jesus will be the King of the whole Earth when He returns. Therefore any national or local governments would be subordinate to Him. We also believe the Church will reign with the Lord on Earth (Rev. 5:10). But beyond that the Bible doesn’t reveal how these things will convert into daily practice. We’ll have to wait and see.