Still More On Destroying The Nations


In Jeremiah 30:11 it says in the end times, God will completely destroy every nation among which His people have been scattered. We here in South Africa have many Jews, some which are good friends. Why would God completely destroy our nation, where the Jews have found peace and success, and goodwill amongst many of us? As Christians, we love our Jewish brothers and sisters. Why then, punish so severely – for that matter, any country who became a refuge to the Jews? I know that it probably will be after the rapture, so why worry, but – your opinion please.


Remember, all believers from every country will be taken in the rapture before the End Times judgments, never to return to Earth. Paul said our citizenship is in Heaven (Phil 3:20).

Only unbelievers will be left behind and Rev. 13:4-8 say they will all worship Satan and the anti-Christ. The leaders of all national governments will line up with the anti-Christ in a world wide effort to wipe out all the Jews. I think the leaders of every nation with a Jewish population will be responsible for eliminating the Jew among them.

Oddly enough, the one exception named in the Bible is Jordan (Daniel 11:41) where believing Jews will find refuge during the Great Tribulation (Rev. 12:14). Your country (and mine) will soon be much different from the way they are now.