More On Destroying The Nations


Re: Is The USA In Biblical Prophecy? After reading this, I had a question about the Jeremiah 30:11 prophecy. Revelation talks about the nations in several places. The mention of the nations in chapters 21:24/26 and 22:2 are the last ones recorded. The nations are very much present here, so I am wondering if this speaks of times during The Millennium only? How does Jeremiah’s prophecy fit in with the nations being destroyed? Does this happen someplace before Revelation 21:1?


Jeremiah 30:4-11 concerns a period called “the Time of Jacob’s Trouble”, as indicated in verse 7. It’s an Old Testament name for the Great Tribulation, during which the nations will be destroyed. After the second coming the Lord will gather all the people who will have survived the Great Tribulation together for judgment. Believers, who He calls sheep, will be welcomed into the Millennial Kingdom on earth. Unbelievers, called goats, will be sent away to eternal punishment (Matt. 25:31-46).

Believing Jews will live in Israel during the Millennium and believing Gentiles will repopulate the nations destroyed during the Great Tribulation. These are the people being referenced in Rev. 21-22.