Distraught Over A Friend’s Health


Please give us your words of comfort and wisdom. My daughter has a best friend who seems to have given up hope and she is distraught. He has a heart condition which is complicated to explain and he is diabetic. He is not a believer and we have been praying for his salvation. My heart is so heavy and I have been encouraging my daughter to witness to him. Thank you so much and please pray for us.


Judging from the email he wrote, your daughter’s friend has developed a fatalistic attitude about his death and is trying to prepare himself for it. If he’s open to discussion try telling him that he really doesn’t have anything to lose by listening to the Gospel. If he accepts it and we’re wrong, he hasn’t really lost anything. He’ll die and that will be it. But if he rejects it and we’re right, he’ll die and face an eternity of suffering. If he takes advantage of this opportunity to discuss it while there’s still time, he’ll at least be able to assure himself that he’s made an informed decision.

If you approach him with this kind of logic rather than emotion you may get through. He’s speaking candidly. You have nothing to lose by doing the same. If he has questions you can’t answer forward them to me and I’ll help you out. Maybe together we can help him accept the gift the Lord gave His life to make available. Above all, keep praying. I’m sure that many who read this will join you.