Lukewarm Friends


I am very grateful for your ministry. I believe you have been gifted with insight and an ability to effectively communicate that glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ. I am fearful for family and friends who have a lukewarm knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God but do not see the urgency of needing to accept the Lord’s grace soon. What advice can you give me on making the issue more urgent to them?


We all have friends and relatives who just don’t seem to get it. Until age 40,  I was such a person. I had spent my whole life in church, and still wasn’t born again. Then a friend did two things for me that changed everything.

The first thing he did was to pray that I would come to know Jesus personally, instead of just knowing about Him. Later he told me he’s one of the many people who believe that everyone who comes into the Kingdom does so through the prayers of friends and loved ones. So he prayed for me.

The other thing he did was to get me involved in a study about Bible prophecy. It used Old Testament prophecies to prove beyond a doubt that Jesus really is the Son of God who came to save the world (John 3:16), and New Testament prophecies to show that He’s coming back again to judge the world (Acts 17:31). The point was that since God made all those prophecies about the past come true, we can be sure He will make all the prophecies about the future come true as well. Understanding this created the urgency I needed to finally give my life to Him.

Obviously this is not a guaranteed formula, because ultimately people make their own choices. But nothing works better than the combination of prayer and God’s Word. They’re the two most powerful tools we have, and I am eternally grateful that my friend used them on me.