Dominion Theology


There seems to be a huge move of the Spirit in the world with many souls coming to Christ. People in South America, Asia, Africa, Muslim nations etc. This doesn’t seem to be happening in the U.S. as it is in these nations. I have looked on the internet and found many of our well known religious leaders prophesying that in 2015 a great outpouring will take place here. At the same time their prophesying seems tainted with, that the U.S. will regain it’s prominence in the world and a new political freedom will emerge. That part of their prophesying doesn’t add up with the political climate that has emerged in the last 20 years or so. Do you have any wisdom on the future of the U.S. in light of what these people say they are hearing from God?


The only well known religious leaders I’m aware of are those who promote a false teaching called “Dominion Theology”. This view holds that the Church is responsible for “taking dominion” over the Earth based on Genesis 1:28. They say Satan stole dominion from Adam at the fall, but Jesus got it back at the cross and gave it to the Church.

According to them the Church is responsible for converting the world to Christianity by any means necessary, and ruling it according to Biblical standards. They say when the Church has accomplished this, we will turn the Kingdom over to the Lord Many see this as happening through the US because they believe that the US is by far the most important part of the Church and is destined to lead it by becoming the Christian nation we once were and leading the world in revival.

I’ve heard this taught for as many years as I’ve been a Christian. During that time unknown numbers have been moved to accept the Lord as their Savior in other countries. But the US has been growing steadily darker in the spiritual sense, while at the same time the American church has become more fractured than ever.

According to the Bible the future for the US is to be completely destroyed along with the other nations where the Lord has scattered His people (Jeremiah 30:11).