What Is Dominion Theology?


Regarding the “Great Revival” and other questions previously submitted about the “Dominion Doctrine”. I know that any doctrine that is not based on scripture ultimately is of satanic origin. You stated that you could find no scriptural support for that particular belief and you offered scriptures that refute it. Can you expound on the beginnings of that teaching and discuss the harm that can come to the Church through the proliferation of Dominion Theology?


Dominion Theology is also known as Kingdom Now, and Christian Reconstructionism. It’s thought to have originated in its modern form in the 1960’s with R.J. Rushdoony, a Christian philosopher and theologian, although it’s been around in various forms since the 4th Century AD. The Emperor Constantine was probably the first Dominionist. More recently John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement, was a well known advocate of Dominion Theology.

Although great emphasis is placed on a coming revival, that’s only the beginning. At its heart Dominion Theology teaches that it is our Christian duty to take over the world using political, and if necessary, military means in order to impose Biblical rule. According to this view Christ will not return, until the church has “risen up” and “taken dominion” over all of the world’s governments and institutions. Dominionists believe this is a mandate from God based on their interpretation of Genesis 1:26. Since it’s a human centered view of the End times that does not subscribe to a literal interpretation of prophecy, Dominion Theology stands in adamant opposition to the God centered interpretation espoused by pre-trib pre-millennialists.