Downgrade The Children?


In your articles you say that children under the age of accountability will automatically enter the Church at the Rapture, having made no decision for themselves. Given the Church’s position, being God’s shining example of all His goodness, doesn’t it seem that defaulting children into it, kind of lowers its high position?

I’m thinking this because everyone else actually chose to be there, whereas the children who haven’t actually made a decision get free entry, when even if they all did live out their lives, not all would have chosen it.

It’s as if ‘here is the excellent Church, who all chose to be here, except for these few who defaulted here’.

Personally I see them at most being included as the Servants of God IE people before and after Jesus (even though they are from Jesus’ time, they didn’t make a decision in that time). Even though this still is a ‘default due to no decision’ position, at least it’s not giving them automatic entry to the best position there is.

What are your further thoughts?


Children belong to God from birth until the age of reason. At that time they are cut loose and must choose to return to God. If they do so, then they’re God’s again. In other words they return to the same position they held before they were cut loose. There’s no diminishing of quality. On the other hand, excluding them or granting them reduced status would be discriminatory, since they wouldn’t have done anything to warrant being down graded. They simply wouldn’t have been old enough to understand.

If anyone deserves to be down graded, it’s those of us who’ve been cut loose and have spent a time in conscious rebellion, embarrassing and offending God with our behavior and unwilling to be obedient even after He takes us back. We’re the ones who lower the standards. The children are still innocent, but we’re guilty.