Emergent Or Emerging?


Thank you so much for your insight that must be from God. My question this time is regarding the Emergent church movement. We are seeking a new church to worship with, and have been in contact with several prospects. when I asked one church if they supported the Emergent teachings, the pastor said that he was aware of that movement, but believe their’s is an “Emerg-ing” church that is “reaching out” to their community.

I may be “gun-shy” after all we’ve seen so far, but I believe the Lord led us away from that church. The pastor also refused to comment on the Purpose-driven Movement, stating that he wouldn’t criticize another pastor. Were we right not to attend their services?


The Emergent Village is the name of one congregation in the Emerging Church movement. The confusion comes from the prominence of that congregation in the movement and the similarity of the two words. I think the pastor was being evasive and therefore you were right in not attending.