What Is The Emergent Church?


You already know just how much I enjoy your site, your articles and just your love of Jesus. So, I will not bore you with my gratitude and thankfulness at the opportunities you afford us.

I do have a question though which I know nothing about and would enjoy your response. The other day, on the radio, I heard a quite passionate denial of the value of (a famous author’s) work and the “Emerging Church” ( I am not sure of the spelling).

Because I did not know what it was, I asked around and some said that in the doctrine of this church they taught that since no one could understand the Bible that you could believe whatever your heart led you to believe. I could hardly believe this and so wanted to get your response. You have always been so faithful to answer my questions in the past that I am just going to thank you in advance and tell you that I pray God will continue to bless you in every way.


The Emergent Church, or “Seeker Sensitive” movement claims to be attracting people who would not normally find themselves in Church on Sunday mornings. There does seem to be a deliberate underemphasis of the gospel message in favor of one that’s more appealing to these “seekers”. The fear is that if you come right out and deliver a straight forward salvation message you’ll scare them away. So the message is more of a social one often delivered in a light, entertaining way and mixed with good fellowship. The church is presented as a friendly open place where all are welcome, irrespective of background. If people want to know more about Jesus they can find out on their own at their own convenience.

There is talk in some parts of the movement about moving beyond traditional Christian doctrine, no longer insisting that Jesus is the only way to salvation, for example.

Some see in the emergent church movement the revival of the Laodicean Church, a sure sign that the End Times are upon us.