The Emergent Church


(A popular author and church leader) and others have been quoted as saying that Bible fundamentalism is a real danger to the church. Your thoughts?


This same author is quoted as saying that the study of prophecy is a distraction from the real work of the church.

Bible fundamentalism is a danger to the seeker-friendly / emergent church because adhering to the fundamentals of Christianity would curtail emergent church growth. One of the things that makes the emergent Church so popular is that you don’t have to believe much to belong there. They have great social and entertainment programs but no one’s ever going to say you have to be born again or have a personal relationship with Jesus.

One leader of the emergent church movement recently said that traditional Christianity is just too limiting. Others are questioning whether Jesus is the only way to salvation and are looking for ways to unite all religions under the emergent church banner.

Their intent is to look at what the world dislikes about the Church and modify or omit those things to make the Church more attractive. I believe that in the seeker friendly / emergent church we’re seeing the rebirth of the Laodicean church, (Rev. 3:14-22) another sign that the end is near.