Exposing False Teachers


I have read very sound teaching and very sound answers given on your site. I do not say this to flatter you and I’m sure you are not, but thanks are in order as I read your weekly articles. In 2 Cor. 6 I see commands to not associate ourselves with non believers and in 2 Peter 2 strong words against false teachers. I have read your answers to people’s questions and it seems to me that some of the people writing in are actually being taught by false teachers.

So, why do you not address the problem of teachers, bad at the least and false at the worst, when you respond to these questions? I do believe we should come out of the assemblies, (churches), where there are false teachers at the pastor or head elder position. Would not the church be stronger and God be glorified?


Unquestionably, the Church would be stronger and God would be glorified if all the false teachers were rooted out and expelled.

That said, my basic philosophy for the site is to state what I believe is right according to the Bible rather than point out where I think others are wrong. I think the best way to expose something that’s false is to allow people to compare it with something that’s true.

I do make exceptions from time to time, but normally I try to follow the strategy the Treasury Department uses when teaching bank tellers how to spot counterfeit bills. Instead of showing the tellers various kinds of counterfeits, they help them become intimately familiar with legitimate currency. In this way they can quickly spot any kind of a counterfeit.

My goal is to help my readers become intimately familiar with the true word of God. That way they can quickly spot any kind of false teaching.

“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).