Ezekiel 38 And Daniel’s 70th Week


I have felt for some time that the battle would have to be at a minimum of 3.5 years prior to the seven year Tribulation. The Bible states the Jews will burn the weapons of the enemy for seven years. We are clearly taught that at the Abomination of Desolation (Mid Trib) the Jews will know to flee, not grab a jacket, but flee. I personally don’t see the Jews loading up a bunch of Soviet weapons for the journey or mad dash. Plus I think a large portion of the trib will be on foot anyway. Back the clock up seven years and that would put you 3.5 years prior to the Tribulation. I don’t have my feet dug in on this but would like to know what you thank. God Bless you for your Ministry.


I can’t imagine that the Moslem armies could leave behind enough combustible weaponry to supply all of Israel’s energy needs for 7 years. In Biblical terms 7 years is 2520 days and it would take tons of it every day to fire Israel’s power plants. And what would they burn? Even rifle stocks are no longer wooden. I think it’s more likely that the weapons will be nuclear and convertible to fuel for Israel’s nuclear power plant(s). If that’s the case they could be sufficient to supply Israel’s energy needs for the entire 7 years.

We’re not given any clear time line concerning these events. It will obviously take some time to clean up after the battle and complete the Temple building process but Daniel’s 70th Week begins when a treaty permitting it is enforced so that could put the 70th Week right on the heels of the battle.